At Dawson Creek Labradoodles, we believe that when adopting your new family companion it is very important to determine the characteristics that you would like for your new family companion to have.

When selecting our family companions we took some time and decided on the size, temperament, color, and genetics we wanted our new family members  to have. Our girls were chosen especially  for our family. They are a wonderful “Doodle Fit”. Dawson Creek’s goal is to provide you with this same experience. Therefore, in order to match you with a good “Doodle Fit” we need to determine some information about you and establish a few requirements for owning one of our puppies.


Adopting a Dawson Creek Labradoodle:

  • Families decide what litter interest them.
  • Communicate with Dawson Creek by phone or email about upcoming litters that interest your family.
  • Discuss size, gender, color, coat, timing, temperament, and any other needs or wants.
  • Review Dawson Creek’s purchasing requirements. This includes signing the “Dawson Creek Spay/Neuter Contract“.
  • Submit a $500 deposit (PayPal or Check) and email your puppy application. Payments are non refundable.
  • Approved applications is then sent to the “Forever Family”. You are ready to be matched with your family companion.
  • Dawson Creek puppies will be designated (+ or – ) 6 weeks of age. Dawson Creek does the selection based on priority of reservation, needs, and wants, and most importantly the “Doodle Fit”. Puppies can only be viewed until they receive their 3rd set of vaccinations. Updates and pictures will be posted frequently about each litter. Also, text and emails with pictures are available upon request.
  • Visits are possible on Regular Dawson Creek Visitation Days.
  • Around 8 weeks of age Dawson Creek’s veterinarian will vaccinate, give flea and heart worm, preventive meds, and preform a health examination.
  • Go home date will be set. Usually 10 weeks.
  • The final payment is due and payable a minimum of 10 working days before pickup up or delivery of your Dawson Creek Labradoodle puppy.

*Dawson Creek holds the right to hold back any puppy for our breeding program.

Puppy Pick-up

Receiving your Dawson Creek Labradoodle

Dawson Creek does not ship our puppies. We do not feel shipping is in the best interest of our puppies. However, if your are traveling from a long distance and would like to fly in to a nearby airport we would be glad to meet you at the airport. Nearby airports include Memphis International and Huntsville, AL airport.

Dawson Creek is a convenient location for “Forever Families” in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, and Kentucky. There are many other joining states that would have a reasonable drive. We are willing to meet you if needed. Your new family companion is important to us and we want to make your adoption process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We are willing to work with you.