Dawson Creek’s Red Line of Mini Australian Labradoodles

Our breeding girls are extremely loved and live in their forever home at Dawson Creek. If additional Doods are added to our program they will live at Dawson Creek or be placed in a “Guardian Home” with a “Forever Family”. We firmly believe in the one-family concept. None of our adult doods are for sale.

Our Girls

Manor Lake’s Livy

Manor Lake's Livy

We are proud to add Manor Lake’s ‘You Only Live Once’, aka “Livy” to our breeding girls. Livy is a Multi Generational Australian Labradoodle. She is living life to the fullest and through her bright clear eyes her spirit shines!  Livy is a gorgeous little lady whose puppies will inherit her sunny disposition, beautiful traits, and gentle nature. Livy has an excellent temperament. She is very sweet, calm, and loving. She loves people and children. Nothing suits her better than to snuggle with the one she loves. This little girl absolutely has a kindred spirit. Livy is a large miniature/small medium at 28 lbs. and she has a beautiful wavy fleece Carmel coat that is allergy friendly.  She lives with her guardian Ms. Kaylee Davis in Iuka, MS.

Livy’s Profile

  • MG Australian Labradoodles
  • Size – Large Miniature/Small Medium
  • Coat/Color – Carmel
  • OFA Hips Prelim – Excellent
  • Elbows – Normal/Clear
  • CERF – Normal/Clear
  • Patellar Luxation – Normal/Clear
  • PRA – Clear By Parentage
  • EIC – Clear By Parentage
  • ALAA Registration # – ALAA-053554

Barksdale’s Georgia Peach

Barksdale’s Georgia Peach

Peach is a Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle. She is a miniature in size and has a gorgeous Red/Carmel wavy fleece coat. This little girl has an adorable and pleasing personality. She is “Ms Congeniality.” She is truly a “Sweet Georgia Peach.”

Peach has a gorgeous non/shedding hypoallergenic Red/Carmel coat that is a beautiful silky/soft/wavy fleece. She is 14 inches tall and 15 pounds. She was born March 28, 2017, out of Barksdale’s Premium line of Red Australian Labradoodles. Peach’s coat bbee does not carry the black gene. It carries the brown and cream-white-red apricot genes with one so part copy. She has been extensively health and genetically tested. This adorable little girl lives with her forever family at Dawson Creek in Iuka, MS.

Georgia Peach’s ALAA Registration Number is ALAA-058779.

Barksdale’s Memphis Belle

Barksdale’s Memphis Belle

Memphis is a Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle. This little beauty is a miniature in size with a gorgeous/ soft red wavy fleece coat with white beautiful markings. Memphis, just like her mother Fawn, has an incredibly sweet personality and a striking appearance that is definitely a show stopper.

Memphis has a beautiful non-shedding/ hypoallergenic Red/Carmel coat that is a silky/soft/wavy fleece. She is 14 ½ inches tall and weighs 20 pounds. She was born March 28, 2017 out of Barksdale’s Premium line of Red Australian Labradoodles. Her coat bbee does not carry the black gene. It’s carries the brown and cream-white-red apricot genes with one so parti copy. This sweet and beautiful little girl lives with her family in Iuka, MS at Dawson Creek.

Memphis Belle’s ALAA Registration Number is ALAA-058778.

Our Boys

Manor Lake’s Little Red Corvette

Manor Lake's Little Red Corvette

‘Vette’ is an amazing little guy that has come to Dawson Creek Australian Multi-Generational Labradoodles from Manor Lake.  Vette has an exceptional sweet and charming personality along with a wonderful disposition.  His great temperament, honey/copper red coat, and blocky build makes him Dawson Creek’s male for our next line of reds.  He is absolutely extraordinary in every way.  ‘Vette’ is a wonderful companion who will pass his fabulous qualities and traits onto his offspring.  Just like his name says  “He is a true Little Red Corvette”.

Vette’s Profile

  • MG Australian Labradoodle
  • 16″ tall 25 lbs
  • Size – Miniature
  • Coat/Color – Wavy Fleece, Red
  • OFA Hips – Excellent
  • Elbows – Clear
  • CERF – Clear
  • PRA – Clear
  • Blood Panel – Normal
  • Cardiac – Normal
  • Patellar Luxation – Normal
  • DNA – Tested
  • vWD – Clear
  • Registration #: ALAA-038504


From time to time Dawson Creek uses sires from other breeding programs.  We would like to thank Barksdale and Manor Lake for the use of their wonderful sires, Barksdale’s Olaf and Manor Lake Red Storm Rising.

Manor Lake’s Jack Ryan

Manor Lake's Jack Ryan

Manor Lake Red Storm Rising – aka, Jack Ryan – is a Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle.  He is a gorgeous red mini with a wonderful temperament. This little dood loves everyone and is a perfect gentleman.  He has a wonderful personality and an outstanding disposition.  Just as his name represents, Jack Ryan is a very handsome gentleman.

Jack Ryan’s Profile

  • MG Australian Labradoodle
  • Size –  Mini
  • Weight – 26 lbs
  • Coat – Red
  • OFA – Fair
  • Dr. Wallace – Good
  • Tested Gold Paw Level

Barksdale’s Frozen Olaf

Barksdale's Olaf

“Olaf” has that wonderful full of life personality that says “here I am – let’s have fun, and then I will cuddle with you.” Olaf is a gorgeous Barksdale Parti with a super coat and is the male extension for “Barksdale’s” line of chocolate base Partis – bbEe does not carry the black gene, carries the brown and cream-white-red-apricot genes. This guy is a Miniature multi-Gen Miniature Australian Labradoodle (ALd). His birthday is Sept 12, 2014. This youngster will be an important part of the Barksdale Parti Lines.  “Olaf” is part of Barksdale’s Guardian Program. “Olaf” lives with his guardian family “The Webb’s” in Jackson, MS.

  • MG Australian Labradoodle – Chocolate Parti.
  • 16.5″ tall and 21 lbs, fleece coat.
  • vWD Clear, CAER Normal, DNA Profile, sp sp, bbEe, EIC Carrier, DM Clear, IC Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear, CBC, PennHIP L.36 R.34, OFA Elbows Normal, & OFA Thyroid Normal.
  • Registration #: ALAA-039706