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Gema and Little Red Corvette Litter

Magnolia & Must Wear Fendi

Dawson Creek’s Magnolia”AKA” as Maggie and Manor Lake Must Wear Fendi “AKA” Fendi small medium litter of Authentic Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles arriving late August. The arrival of this litter has perfect timing. Families are returning from vacation, the hot days of summer are slowing down, and the nice days of fall are around the corner. Just the right time to add a new puppy to the family. This gorgeous litter will be full of reds, caramels, and creams with white markings that have the soft/silky fleece coat that everyone loves. Maggie and Fendi will pass along their gorgeous hypoallergenic coats and their wonderful temperaments to their offspring. This litter will be adorable, playful, and social. With Maggie’s beauty and Fendi’s Happy go Lucky attitude that never meets a stranger this litter will be sure to impress just like the fashion world “Must Wear Fendi”. This small medium litter will weigh 27-35 pounds and is expected to go home late October.

Dawson Creek's Magnolia

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'Must Wear' Fendi

‘Must Wear’ Fendi

Graceland & True Blue Briggs

Dawson Creek’s Graceland “AKA” Gracie and True Blue Briggs mini litter of Authentic Multi Generational Australian Labradoodles arriving mid September. Our sweetheart Gracie is being paired with our handsome parti boy Briggs. This sweet duo is being paired for the second time. We are very excited about a repeat litter. This litter will have gorgeous caramel and red coats with white markings. The coats will be hypoallergenic and a soft/silky fleece that everyone loves. Gracie and Briggs will pass along their wonderful temperaments and their loving personalities to their offspring. This mini litter will weigh 17-22 pounds as adults and is expected to go home mid November


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True Blue Briggs
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Shugar Magnolia & Little Red Corvette

Dawson Creek’s Shugar Magnolia “AKA” Shug and Manor Lake Little Red Corvette “AKA” Vette mini litter of Authentic Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles arriving mid September.  Our sweet little boy Vette has found a gorgeous little red girl to help him pass along his gorgeous honey red coat to his offspring.  If you are looking for that stunning red coat this litter is for you.  Vette and Shug will have gorgeous reds with a hypoallergenic coat that will be a silky/soft fleece that everyone loves.  Shug and Vette are being paired for the second time.  Shug’s adorable personality that makes everyone want to take her home and Vette’s cuddle bug trait that allows him to hold the title as Dawson Creek’s SnuggleBug is sure to create wonderful temperaments that Shug and Vette will pass along to their offspring.   This litter will weigh 20-25 pounds as adults and is expected to go home mid November.


Shugar Magnolia
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Manor Lake's Little Red Corvette

Little Red Corvette
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