Where Magic Begins

At Dawson Creek we our very proud to show our home which includes our puppy nurseries and puppy playroom. Our home has two rooms dedicated to puppy nurseries and a large open room used as a puppy playroom. Let’s begin the tour with our Nurseries where “Life Begins”.

Dawson Creek Nursery

A Magical Room

In the nursery “Magic Happens” and “Life Begins”. In this magical room the puppies are born, they take their first steps, and for the first time they open their eyes and see the world around them. The puppies receive lots of love and attention in the nursery. They experience our touch and feel many textures such as fuzzy blankets and a variety of toys. Also, they hear music and squeaky toys. Each nursery contains a Furbo camera with a nanny feature which allows us to monitor the puppies and each room contains an echo dot that provides music and many different sounds. The nurseries have beds and recliners for monitoring and enjoying the puppies. The beds allow us to sleep in the room with the newborn puppies the first week or when needed.

Meet Our Puppy Nanny

Dawson Creek is very lucky to have our very own “Puppy Nanny”. Our puppy nanny keeps a close eye on our puppies and gives them the utmost attention. Not only does our nanny keep our puppies happy she also keeps our moms happy and content. She provides our moms with lunch, treats, and outside walks which allows me time to take care of our puppy needs and our Dawson Creek Family.

Our Play Room – Where Adventure Begins

As the puppy develops, they are moved to our playroom where adventure begins, and a world of excitement comes about. The playroom contains a puppy TV used to expose the puppies to a large variety of sounds and an exciting area filled with tunnels to explore, balls to chase, steps to climb, toys to squeak, and a lounging area to chew on teething toys and just relax. The playroom also contains two weaning areas where the puppies begin to sleep in crates without mom and explore a much larger area. Each weaning area contains crates, a toy jungle gym, and a potty area. The puppies enjoy this larger area and still have daily visits with mom until the weaning process is complete. The playroom is a very exciting place for the puppies as well as the Dawson Creek Family.

Dawson Creek Nursery