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NuVet Plus® provides a synergistic formula of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and more for good health and proper development of puppies and young growing dogs.

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Life’s Abundance – All Life Stage Dog Food – is Dawson Creek’s Recommended Food

Here at Dawson Creek we feed our puppies the best food available. We strive to produce healthy-lovable family companions. To ensure our puppies thrive we provide them with a food that supplies them with multi-source proteins, antioxidants, micro nutrients, omega fatty acids, probiotics along with calcium and phosphorus. This way we can be sure we are providing you with healthy/ quality puppies that have strong teeth and bones, healthy skin and coats, and strong muscles.

At Dawson Creek we feed Life’s Abundance to our puppies and our adult doods. Occasionally,  we add some canned dog food to our meals to add a little variety and spice when we want to treat our doods. We truly feel this is a high quality dog food with a large amount of research behind its ingredients. We strongly recommend that you continue to feed your puppy Life’s Abundance – All Life Stage Dog Food.

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Life's Abundance Pet Food

Snuggle Puppy

Calm your pet naturally and instinctively with ‘Snuggle Puppy’.

  • No meds or restraint necessary
  • Reduces behaviors due to everyday stressors, including whining and barking
  • Realistic body heat + pulsing heart eases loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety
  • Helps puppies and dogs transition into their new home and sleep through the night
  • Additional uses include thunderstorms, fireworks, and crate training
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle

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$39.99 (includes shipping)

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We have compiled a puppy supply list of some of our most-recommended and necessary items, that you will find to be a valuable resource.  Click here to download the list (PDF)!

Dog Grooming

Enjoy this helpful instructional video on grooming your Australian Labradoodle.