Dawson Creek Labradoodles has a firm belief in the one-family concept. We ensure our breeding boys and girls have a loving home and live life to the fullest. Therefore, we offer a guardian program to well-deserved families at no cost. These families receive some of our most treasured Dawson Creek Labradoodles and become these boys and girls “Forever Families”.

About the Guardian Program

Dawson Creek’s Guardian Program is an exceptional program established to promote the breed of the Australian Labradoodle and provide families with the opportunity to own one of our most treasured labradoodles without the purchasing cost. The guardian program allows our breeding girls and boys to find a forever home and live life to the fullest while they are engaging in their breeding career. We strongly believe in the guardian program and we are determined to ensure that our breeding girls and boys are placed in happy homes and never retained in kennels. Therefore, we provide opportunities to well-deserved families that have a love for dogs that will allow them to play a major role in the growth and development of the Australian Labradoodle.

The Guardian’s Responsibilities:

  • Provide love and nurturing.
  • Be responsible for vaccinations and preventive medications such as heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.
  • Provide the dog with adequate exercise.
  • Properly train and socialize the dog.
  • Feed the dog a high-quality food approved by Dawson Creek.
  • Have a fenced back yard.
  • Live within 100 miles of Dawson Creek Labradoodles.
  • Communicate with Dawson Creek Labradoodles about any concerns or problems
    you have.


Dawson Creek ask that the puppies coat does not get cut until around 8 months of age. During the first 8 months we will make photos that will be used for our website and social media channeling. Basic puppy cuts are fine during this time that includes trimming around the eyes and sanitary areas. Proper grooming and frequent brushing is essential in maintaining the Australian Labradoodle.

If you love puppies and enjoy being a part of the puppy process we recommend a female. If you choose to be a guardian of a female you can expect for your girl to have 4 litters of puppies. Depending on the female will determine the breeding process. Just like people, some girls will be ready to have a litter each cycle while others will need to miss a cycle between litters. This will be determined by Dawson Creek and the guardian. The guardians of females will need to be aware of the heat cycle process and how to identify the heat cycle. The guardian will need to keep the female away from intact male dogs. The heat cycle awareness is a very important role in the guardian process.. Most girls will complete their breeding career by age 4. None of our breeding girls will have more than 4 litters of puppies. At the end of the girls breeding career Dawson Creek will spay the female and give all registration papers to the guardian.

If you love companionship but are not genuinely excited about puppies and want to promote the breed we suggest a male. If you choose to be a guardian of a male you can expect for your male to be in the breeding process for approximately 6 years. You will be expected to have your male readily available from time to time when needed. This is important due to the fact that timing is very important during the breeding process. The guardian will also need to keep the male away from intact females during the female’s heat cycle. At the end of the male’s breeding career Dawson Creek will neuter the male and give all registration papers to the guardian.

Click here to download our Guardian Application (PDF).


  Guardian Application